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Oval pipe accessories for Talpa FSR 2060

By using our accessories for oval pipes, the Talpa FSR 2060  can also be used in conically shaped pipes. The extension consists of a separate carriage that is used in the narrower base of the oval pipe, the position of the robot can be raised and guides stop the robot from tipping over the wider area.

Thanks to this robot carriage, which has been specially adapted to the shape of the sewer pipe, the Talpa FSR 2060 can work just as effectively as it would in a circular pipe.

Oval pipe guide for Talpa FSR 2060

The guide serves to support the robot at the sides in the wide, upper area of the oval pipe. It can be adjusted variably using 4 screws. For particularly large oval pipes, the guide can be supplemented with an extension plate.

Oval pipe robot carriage for Talpa FSR 2060

The oval pipe robot carriage consists of a bracket to fasten the Talpa FSR 2060, individually mountable cascades and the carriage, including the carriage tower. The existing system made up of individual cascades means that the position of the robot can be modified and set variably at the required height for the oval profile traveled on.

To control the oval pipe robot carriage, the digital box of the robot is connected with the control cable on the oval pipe robot carriage, and the connector of the carriage is mounted onto the digital box position on Talpa FSR 2060. Here, the control commands for the oval pipe carriage (drive function) and the Talpa FSR 2060 (camera and movement of the robot arm) are split.

The axle extender set of the Talpa FSR 2060 can be used to widen the oval pipe carriage.

Additional cascades are available separately