Partial sewer rehabilitation by the trenchless method
Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation

Schwalm Robotic GmbH’s systematic solutions have been developed for partial sewer rehabilitation on a no-dig basis. Our tried and tested special machines make it possible to perform all necessary remote-controlled tasks inside the sewer. Partial relining of damaged sewers is a recognised procedure and is used with great success all over the world.

House connection repairs

Wherever connection pipes feed into main pipes there are often leaky joints to bemoan. That applies especially to house connections. Partial sewer rehabilitation provides a series of procedures for repairing such damaged areas inexpensively, without having to dig open the ground. This is made possible by flexible rehabilitation robots and cap liner packers, using which so-called liners – these are resin-saturated felt or glass-fibre mats – are applied to the non-watertight areas. A particularly special role is played here by felt caps, cap-shaped special liners made of felt, with which house connections and union joints can be given a lasting seal.


Partial relining with short liners

Non-watertight areas in pipelines, such as cracks or openings, can be repaired relatively quickly using short liners. The damaged areas are worked on from the inside by the repair robots and any penetrating plants or accumulated deposits are cleared away. Using the liner packer, a short liner is then pressed against the duly cleaned and prepared area. With no further work required, such short liners fulfill the required criteria of being watertight, durable and long lasting.