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Air motors + extensions

Power for the use of tools in the sewer

The robots and tools are placed under enormous strain in the sewer system. This also applies to the air motors which serve as the tool drive. Schwalm Robotic offers a total of three pneumatic motors developed for this purpose which are characterized by a compact structure and a high torque.

Torque is the key parameter

Contrary to what is often said, the number of watts is not a meaningful criterion for the power performance of a drive system. Watts tell you something about the power consumption, its usage. However, the force realized is crucial, the torque, expressed in Newton meters (Nm). The Schwalm air motors develop a load torque (working torque) of up to 1.2 Nm. With its high stall torque of up to 2 Nm, it can even overcome the hardest resistances.

The universal threaded mount M14

The use of the universal threaded mount M14 means that standard tool attachments from the store as well as special tool attachments from Schwalm Robotic can be mounted onto the available air motors in just a few steps.