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Automatic cable drum for a 200-meter cable

The automatic cable drum from Schwalm has motorized self-leveling winding that automatically winds and sorts the cable. A meter counter with digital display makes it much easier to use in everyday work. The cable winding automatically adapts to the robot’s driving speed, but can also be set manually.

With a robust aluminum housing, it has space for cable lengths of 200 meters. The traction of the motorized self-leveling winding can also be continuously adjusted.

Technical data

Cable drum ACD 200

  • Cable output: Self-leveling winding
  • Maximum possible cable length: 200 meters
  • Power supply: 110 V, 230 V
  • Winding: automatic or manual
  • Tensile force: manually controlled
  • Speed: automatic or manual
  • Counter: accurate to the centimeter
  • Digital display
  • Contains the item special cable