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From then until now

Georg Schwalm – The beginnings

From a haulage firm to sewer rehabilitation specialists

Schwalm, the family-run company from Bad Hersfeld, was founded by Georg Schwalm in 1938 as a haulage firm. Georg Schwalm gradually expanded the company and developed a differentiated range of services over the decades. When Willi Schwalm joined his father’s company in 1962 and took over as director in 1965, Schwalm already had one excavator, two heavy goods vehicles and a suction vehicle for emptying cesspools. Under the management of Willi Schwalm, several sewer flushing vehicles and suction vehicles were purchased.

Willi Schwalm – The next chapter

Schwalm had the first sewer camera in the area

In 1981, Willi Schwalm had the camera specially designed to carry out sewer inspections in the area of Bad Hersfeld and used it to examine the structural condition of sewer pipes. In one of his many patents, he developed a sewer rehab robot and the HutlinerPacker®, a device used to place hat seals and Hutliners®. The sewer rehab robots could be remotely controlled to mill off obstacles in the sewer and to position the packers at the area requiring renovation. Both robots and the HutlinerPackers® have been continually improved up until today and are adapted to the current conditions/customer requirements. Willi Schwalm is still present in the company today to provide advice and guidance.

Martin Schwalm – The family company today

Restructuring in Schwalm Kanalsanierung and Schwalm Robotic

After his industrial business management apprenticeship, Martin Schwalm joined the company in 1988 and took on the third generation of management at Schwalm in 1999. Over the years, the robotics business has constantly gained more importance. In 2008, Martin Schwalm pulled the robotics business out of from Schwalm Kanalsanierung and founded Schwalm Robotic GmbH. Both companies – Schwalm Kanalsanierung and Schwalm Robotic – currently employ around 40 highly qualified specialists, and some of these were trained within the company. Schwalm maintains customer relationships around the world.