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Special cables

Power supply, video data and movement controls via just one single cable connection to the robot. Only a supply cable with great mechanical stress resistance is suitable for secure working and the reliable use of the heavy device in the sewer. This applies in particular to the resistance of the cable and plug connections against tension and wear.

The combo-cable developed by Schwalm is designed for particularly high tensile forces. Although such tensile forces do not arise during normal operation, it has sufficient reserves for unplanned occurrences in the sewer. The plug connection is extremely stable. For the cable, Schwalm offers a specially designed fully-automatic cable drum.

Strain relief / Reverse driving control

To prevent unintentionally driving over the cable and the related damage when driving in reverse, the robots Talpa FSR 1330 and Talpa FSR 2060 have an integrated reverse driving control function. Here, the strain relief chain between the cable and reverse driving control rocker switch is tensioned. If the cable does not wind up fast enough during reverse driving, the rocker loses contact with the sensor and the reverse driving is prevented until the chain has tensioned itself again. This function can be switched on or off via the digital controls. The strain relief chain also protects the cable connector from tensile forces.