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Chisel hammers - for the robot Talpa FSR 2060

Unlike milling work, chiseling allows whole slabs made from concrete or mineral deposits to be chiseled out. A significant advantage of chiseling over milling is therefore the saving of time. The robot Talpa FSR 2060 can be fitted with a chisel hammer for chiseling work in the sewer.

Thanks to its own heavy weight of up to 100 kilograms, it has sufficient stability in the sewer. The vibration-proof bracket of the chisel hammers allows chiseling with low shock.

Schwalm has a comprehensive range of various chisel attachments, tailored to the most varied of application scenarios (sharp chisel, separating chisel, impact chisel). For chiseling in the sewer, it is necessary to remove the tooling mount of the Talpa FSR 2060 to fasten the chisel hammer in place. You can change between the various chisel attachments with just a few motions.

Delivery: Chisel hammer with the flat chisel attachment.