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Air motor 2060

An air motor specially developed for use in the sewer for the renovation milling robot Talpa FSR 2060 with M14 connection thread for mounting the most varied attachments.

Three additional motor extensions are available for this motor: 100, 150, and 270 mm

Air motor 2060 performance data

  • Housing cylinder Ø 59 mm
  • 800 watt power consumption
  • 12,000 RPM idle speed
  • 6,000 RPM on-load speed
  • 850 liter/min air consumption
  • 1.27 Nm load torque
  • 1.9 Nm stall torque
  • 1.2 kg weight

Key figures refer to 6 bar operating pressure

Delivery: Motor 2060 with milling hose and angle set

Milling attachments
The diamond tool manufacturer Schneider developed optimized milling attachments especially for the Schwalm sewer rehab robots Talpa FSR 1330 and 2060, for the most varied of purposes or materials to be processed.
Technical brushes
The technical brushes can be fitted to the air motors on the M14 threaded mount in just a few steps.
The reach of the robot arm can be extended considerably using the motor extensions. There are three different motor extensions available: 100, 150 and 270 mm.