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Crane and drum frame

Purpose and installation options

Schwalm offers a compact, functional and easy-to-install crane and drum frame as a module for installation in the vehicle. This can be installed into an existing vehicle (after checking the space available) or planned as part of a new vehicle structure. For this, it is attached to the box structure’s floor using six bolts. The frame can be operated with 110V or 230V.

The frame made from stable aluminum structural tubes offers room for the automatic cable drum (200-meter Schwalm special cable) and the automatic hose-in-hose supply line drum (100-meter hose-in-hose supply line) and has a swiveling and telescopic boom with a 200-kilo chain crane (18-meter chain length).

The boom and crane are easy to use thanks to the wired remote control. Using the boom and the chain crane, the robots or required devices can be suspended in the shaft very easily and precisely. It is possible to control and operate the drums using a control panel on the frame.

A large extra wide drawer (full extension) towards the vehicle opening allows for the storage of milling robots. Three more large drawers (full extensions) towards the vehicle’s gangway serve for the storage of various tools and accessories.

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