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Rubber hat size 2 - long version

For connection pipe diameters: DN 125 – DN 160 (possible installation depth 300 mm)

Highly elastic rubber hats which can be used to place the synthetic resin-saturated felt caps into the lateral connections. 

The ability to freely combine the rubber hat and HutlinerPacker® is typical for HutlinerPacker® from Schwalm. The universal threaded mount allows for quickly connecting and disconnecting the rubber hats. Highly elastic rubber belts position the hat brims closely around the packer body.

Suitable HutlinerPacker®
HutlinerPacker® DN 180 without flow-through capacity
HutlinerPacker® DN 200 without flow-through capacity
HutlinerPacker® DN 200 with flow-through capacity
HutlinerPacker® DN 250 - DN 300
HutlinerPacker® DN 300 - DN 400
HutlinerPacker® DN 400 - DN 500
HutlinerPacker® DN 400 - DN 600
HutlinerPacker® DN 500 – DN 700
HutlinerPacker® DN 600 – DN 800