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Sewer rehab vehicles

Schwalm special vehicle expansion

Premium technology with functional equipment details

Schwalm provides high-quality system components for the expansion of special vehicles for partial sewer rehabilitation. 

We can advise and support you when planning and selecting your vehicle type with a high-quality space concept developed in practice. Here, we can work closely together with a vehicle manufacturer of your choice.

Depending on the space available, the usable area of a sewer rehab vehicle is divided into workshop, operator and break room, WC and washing facilities. 
While the sewer rehab robots are controlled via a control panel in the separate operator and break room, or the renovation can be documented via PC, the workshop area forms the core of our concept with the tried and tested sewer rehab robots, HutlinerPackers® and the tool and material magazine.

The main component here is the crane and drum frame, which we have consciously kept compact, which already contains a large proportion of the supply cables of the sewer rehab robots. This can be installed with comparatively low effort into an existing or newly planned sewer rehab vehicle.