Schneider Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH – Schwalm Robotic GmbH
Precision in Perfection “Made in Germany”

Innovative, proficient and uncompromisingly good – these quality criteria characterize the philosophy of Schneider Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH, based in Kraichtal near Karlsruhe. Founded in 1994 with just a few employees, today Schneider is the leading complete provider of diamond tools for sewer rehabilitation. Regionally, nationally, and globally. From the start, the company has been a trend-setter in many fields of the diamond tool industry. In the process, the development, manufacture and sale of precision and special tools for the production of sewer rehabilitation robots was and is the fundamental idea of the successful business model.

Enthusiasm and pride are the motivation with which the company, led by Steffen Schneider, has developed and manufactured innovative diamond tools for over 20 years, with these tools meeting even the highest standards of quality. This dedication and the continuous development of the products and production processes make it possible to meet or even surpass customer expectations. The company does not just manufacture catalog tools but also customer-specific, special productions where the focus is on the customer’s requirements with regard to functionality and quality as well as price and performance. The consequence is coordinated product diversification and thus the expression of a corporate policy aligned with the zeitgeist.


The right tool for each robot type and application

Today, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art robots, a sewer rehabilitation can be performed cost-efficiently and in a time-saving manner. “We know this,” says Steffen Schneider, “as we work closely together with the leading manufacturers of sewer rehabilitation robots as well as the users on the building sites from the start. We have thus obtained very comprehensive and detailed expertise, which puts us in a position to offer the optimal robot tool or accessory for each application. Various product lines and a large selection of high-quality premium and standard tools have developed and emerged from this, which are always optimally tailored to the corresponding robot and the material to be processed.


Schwalm Robotic GmbH – long-term customer

Over the years, Schneider Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH has developed into a market leader, serving over 300 satisfied customers worldwide today. One of them is Schwalm Robotic GmbH, based in Bad Hersfeld. “Of course, we work closely and on a partnership basis with all of our customers,” says Steffen Schneider. “Yet, there are one or two particularities that create a special connection between us and Schwalm.” “This is ultimately thanks to the more than 15 years of trusting and convincing collaboration,” say Jochen Zeitler and Sven Rantke of Schwalm Robotic GmbH, “in which we have developed innovatively and grown together. Steffen Schneider knows our patented Schwalm robots, the TALPA FSR 2060 and the TALPA FSR 1330, like the back of his hand. Over the last few years, we have commissioned milling cutters and accessories precisely tailored to our robots from Steffen Schneider in each development phase of our robots and have always been impressed by the quality and lifespan. In addition, we found the concentricity of the milling cutters - which had never been there before - absolutely convincing. This ensures reduced vibration on our robot arm and the air motors, which leads to a higher lifespan of the built-in storage units and a longer continuous milling performance. Since then, our robots and the diamond tools from Schneider have been a consistently high-quality precision team. This is a joint development that was optimized - and continues to be optimized again and again - specially for the use of the rehabilitation robots Talpa FSR 1330 and Talpa FSR 2060. Therefore, our customers are advised on our website that they should obtain the tool attachments exclusively from Schneider Spezial-Diamantwerkzeuge in direct sales.”


To the right tool in just a few clicks

Schneider Diamantwerkzeuge is also proud of the “PRODUCT FINDER” that was installed on its website a few months ago. The user or customer finds robot manufacturer and material-related milling cutters and accessories simply, quickly and transparently with just a few clicks of the mouse. “Since then, mistaken orders by the user are completely ruled out,” explains Steffen Schneider. “The ordered and “correct” item is at the place of use within the shortest time. Additionally, we thus support the robot manufacturers to a not insignificant degree. Time-consuming explanations as to which tool was developed and produced for which material to be processed for the relevant robot are no longer required. A win-win situation for all concerned.”