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HutlinerPacker® + Accessories

The patented HutlinerPacker® are produced manually in the Schwalm manufacturing process. These are inflatable hollow bodies made from rubber and metal with a mountable protrusion on the side, the rubber hat. 

These special devices developed by Schwalm serve to press short liners, which have been saturated in synthetic resin, onto sockets and tear formations in the main pipe and hat seals into lateral connections. The rubber hats, available in various sizes, are connected to the HutlinerPacker® via a universal threaded mount. HutlinerPacker® with a flexible packer body can even be used in curved shafts, depending on the site conditions.

HutlinerPacker® and their purpose

Special devices for placing Hutliner®, hat seals or short liners. HutlinerPacker® are combination devices which can be used optionally with or without rubber hats. If you remove the rubber hat, a short liner can be inserted. If the rubber hat is screwed on, either the hat seal alone is used or as a combination of short liner plus hat seal = Hutliner®.

Positioning the HutlinerPacker® in the sewer

The mobile HutlinerPacker® are not equipped with their own drive. To move them to a repair point, they are coupled to the robot system Talpa or comparable systems. The operator moves the HutlinerPacker® to the desired point and aligns it. Once the HutlinerPacker® is positioned in the sewer, the robot can be removed.

Renovation process using the HutlinerPacker®

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Extension of the hat seal using an pipe sealing cushion

The pipe sealing cushion, also called straight bubble, works similarly to a short liner packer. It can be used to install short liners even in the joining area of a connecting line. This means that the installation depth of the hat seal can be extended.


Short liner (blue) in the connection area of a connecting pipe. Installation with the help of the pipe sealing cushion (straight bubble) using the robots Talpa FSR 1330 or Talpa FSR 2060.

Short liner (blue) in the connection area of a connecting pipe combined with a hat seal (pink). Pipe sealing cushions expand the installation depths of hat seals in the connection area.

With the pipe sealing cushions, also known as straight bubbles, short liners can also be used in connection pipes in the lateral connection area.