Successful duo Junker & Meves and Schwalm Robotic

From l. to r. Sewer renovation specialists Thomas Meves and Thomas Junker have many years of experience in municipal road and sewer construction as well as pipeline repairs and have been working successfully on this market since 1997.


Not 65 kilometres south of the German North Sea coast is the town of Apen in the district of Ammerland. Neither hills nor forests restrict the view over the green landscape here.

It is a sheer vastness – a paradise for mountain bikers, anglers and tranquillity-seekers. JUNKER & MEVES
 Kanalsanierungstechnik GmbH is located in this idyllic landscape. The concept of the company, which was founded by Thomas Junker and Thomas Meves in 1997, in the field of non-disruptive sewer inspections, TV inspections and sewer repairs has been more than successful since then. And not just in East Frisia, but farbeyond the borders of Germany. Why is that? The two managing partners are available to answer questions:

Anyone who wants to establish themselves with a good business idea will need good people, practical equipment and a first-class service. Junker and Meves were and are completely united in that and implemented these goals in their company from the very first day. The 13 employees today are handpicked and excellently educated. In person, by the owners themselves. “This creates trust, a strong “feeling of us” and we can then be sure that our high quality demands are experienced and implemented by the entire team at the building sites entrusted to us. Whether in our repair vehicle or in the TV inspection vehicle. Specialists are only employed with one goal: “We do our work so well that we do not have to explore a building site for a second time, we offer an “all-round, hassle-free package”.

Extremely practical

“On the subject of “practical equipment”, we’ve used the best “multi-functional equipment” for us since the very beginning,” say Junker and Meves in unison, “the patented milling cutter Talpa FSR 1330 and 2060 from Schwalm Robotic GmbH, Bad-Hersfeld-Asbach. Even before the foundation of our company, we had worked with these milling tools at our former employers and had only ever had positive experiences. So in 1997, the decision to use the Schwalm Talpa FSR series to equip our vehicles was not a difficult one to make.

Back then, we sat down at a table with Schwalm, in person with Willi Schwalm, and lumped our joint wealth of experience together. It really helped us to cooperate with such a competent and fair partner in this sector from the very beginning. The first 2060 series milling cutter, which was delivered in March 1998, bore the number 8 and we still use it today. Quality really does prevail. The company growth we have achieved in the last 15 years has led to us acquiring a further five Schwalm millers since then. Just four weeks ago, we acquired the latest model of the FSR Talpa 1330 series and are once again more than satisfied. The level of development is excellent.”

In short, three Talpa FSR 1330 repair robots and another three Talpa FSR 2060 robots are used continually in the Junker & Meves vehicle fleet.

Talpa FSR 1330: With this miller, you can be the audience, director and workman all at the same time. In all private sewers and those under public law between 130 and 300 millimetres. And of course, it offers the full range of services: cleaning, repairing, inspecting.

Talpa FSR 2060: The weightiest argument against any sort of problems in the sewer. When assembled fully, it musters almost 100 kilos. This gives it stability. Which is perfect when it is necessary to carry out heavy work by remote control, such as chiselling concrete.

“For us, they are outstanding multi-functional devices,” emphasise Junker and Meves, “which are versatile, easy to handle, robust and also fully practical even under extreme conditions. The price-performance ratio is effective. Another important point: it can be used flexibly in any of our fleet. So that we’re always completely up to date with developments, we regularly treat ourselves to the latest modules from Schwalm. This not only fits wonderfully with our service portfolio, but Schwalm Robotic GmbH, managed by Martin Schwalm since 2008, and Junker & Meves also simply work well together. Partnership, fairness and identical quality requirements - this is what characterises our 15 years of trusting collaboration. In the last fifteen years, we have grown together and we’re sure that we will continue to do that in the future as well.”

Schwalm Robotic GmbH Industriestraße 16 36251 Bad Hersfeld-Asbach Germany Telefon: +49 6621 79578-0 Telefax: +49 6621 79578-11