Vehicle Customization

Mobile workshops for sewer repairs

There’s no water for the cleaning work. There’s no electricity. At sewer repair sites it’s all generally missing. And in order to be able to carry out the necessary sewer works regardless of the on-site situation, we soon came up with the idea of building a self-sufficient sewer rehabilitation vehicle. Over several stages of development, Schwalm Robotic has now built vans, 12-tonners and even larger trucks with special generators. Customers won over by our tried and tested equipment include specialist operators in Europe and beyond.

Fully equipped trucks with individual specifications

Our vehicles, which are made to order or in mini production runs, are all equipped with water, electricity and compressed air. These self-drive working machines are like a mixture of mobile home and workshop. Included within the box body are an operator room for controlling the robots and video documentation and a precisely furnished working area with store for the relining materials and shelves for robots and cap liner packer.

12t truck, 18t truck, van, tandem trailer

Vehicle variants and configuration levels include the van class up to 12t and 18t and beyond. Normally, a fully equipped sewer rehabilitation vehicle requires a 12t truck. A significantly smaller compact equipment option is possible on the basis of a van. Tandem trailers complement existing construction site vehicles as miniature workshop. In general: bigger does not equal better. Nevertheless, the expansion options of an 18t truck are nearly unlimited.

Complete order or provision

As a customer you have the choice. Either Schwalm carries out the vehicle upgrade as complete order, i.e. vehicle plus special equipment. Or you can also provide us with the vehicle of your choice and we will take care of the upgrade.

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