Ergonomics, industrial health and safety

Ergonomics and concentration on the essential

The organization of the workstation is an important prerequisite for working in a relaxed and safe manner. Therefore, Schwalm attaches the utmost importance to an ergonomically designed room concept. Stable built-in shelves and stack rooms accommodate consumables, resins, and tools and help maintaining the order.

Daylight lamps prevent premature fatigue of the eyes and make the stay within the vehicle pleasant. Monitoring screens in workshop, operator room, and driver's cab support the communication between each other.

Moving loads safely. Protecting the health.

Sewer rehabilitation is associated with frequently lifting and lowering huge weights. Lowering sewer rehabilitation robots and lateral connection packers into shafts is a very exhausting task. At this point, our telescopable working crane makes life easier. For a 12t truck, the crane covers the entire rear area.

A particularity of our sewer rehabilitation vehicles with piggy-back top is the lower rear entrance with integrated folding step.

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