The Sewer Plug System by Schwalm

Compression Plugs + Compression Plug Tool

1. Compression Plugs

  • Compression plugs for tightly sealing bad and blind connections
  • Mode of operation: expansion plug
  • Available sizes:
    DN 100, DN 125, DN 150, DN 200
  • Assembly and disassembly with the help of the robots Talpa FSR 1330 or Talpa FSR 2060
  • Manually fitted in man-sized sewers


While planning and developing development areas, many municipalities predictively integrate branches and molded bodies into their sewer networks in order to be prepared for future expansions. However, these branches often are not used at all in the future.

Open bad and/or blind connections do not correspond to the specifications to be found in the rulebook of the German Association of Water, Wastewater, and Waste. Today, there is an immediate need for action regarding the process of sealing such bad and blind connections.

Schwalm developed a procedure that can be used to subsequently seal such bad and blind connections in a permanent manner. For this, a compression plug is inserted into the connection nozzle and clamped in one working step with the help of the robots Talpa FSR 1330 or Talpa FSR 2060. The plug works in accordance with the principle of a Thermos bottle plug.

The following sizes are available

Compression plug DN 100
Suitable for a pipeline width of DN 100.

Compression plug DN 125
Suitable for a pipeline width of DN 125.

Compression plug DN 150
Suitable for a pipeline width of DN 150.

Compression plug DN 200
Suitable for a pipeline width of DN 200.

2. Compression Plug Tool

  • For fitting and removing compression plugs
  • Compressed air-powered impact wrench
  • Suitable for the sewer rehabilitation robots Talpa FSR 1330 and 2060


  • Extension 75mm
  • Double hexagonal insert short
  • Double hexagonal insert long


The compression plug tool is required in order to install and, if required remove compression plugs (Schwalm system) with the help of our Talpa FSR robots.

The finger-like design made of steel is clamped into the tool holder of the robot arm and allows for transporting compression plugs to the installation location and to insert these tightly there.


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