For roots, short liners and plastics. Milling attachment for organic, non-mineral and mineral materials. Cutting surface with embedded blades of industrial diamond. Not recommended for steel.

Piranha Variants:

  • Piranha, point-headed, big version, 70 mm diameter
  • Piranha, point-headed, small version, 50 mm diameter
  • Piranha, ball-headed, big version, 70 mm diameter
  • Piranha, ball-headed, small version, 50 mm diameter

Ordering information:

Piranha and mushroom-head milling machine are a joint development of Schwalm Robotic and Schneider Diamantwerkzeuge. These tools were optimized specifically for the application of the sewer rehab robots Talpa FSR 1330 and Talpa FSR 2060. The products are sold exclusively by Schneider Diamantwerkzeuge by direct selling.

Contact details:

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Please refer to: Steffen Schneider

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