The Digital Control Module

Command centre for Talpa FSR 1330 and Talpa FSR 2060

The Schwalm digital control unit is housed in a 19-inch case and is permanently built into the vehicle as a fixed control centre. The video information from the sewer flows together in this unit.

The operator controls the robot's actions inside the sewer from here.

By virtue of its compact size, the digital control panel can easily be integrated into existing systems. The digital control panel has a standardised video output.

Intuitive handling

Controlling robot actions by joystick

Special mention should be made here of the proportional control of the robot's actions. All movements are initiated using the joystick. The speed and acceleration for the individual movements thus occur in the same direction as the corresponding joystick position. This proportional control gives the operator a natural feeling for handling the robot.

The controllable robot functions one by one

  • Move robot forwards and backwards
  • Rotate tool holder forwards and backwards
  • Raise and lower working arm
  • Rotate working arm left and right
  • Pan camera up and down
  • Adjust focal length of video lens
  • Adjust lighting

Technical data

  • Control unit 19" 3 HU for stationary installation
  • Voltage supply: 110 V, 230 V, max.700 W
  • Separate joystick unit (6-axes control) with proportional speed control  
  • PAL/NTSC video output
  • Caption (meter caption, text generator, optionally available data interface) in several languages and length units available
  • Optionally with keyboard and flat screen

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