The Automatic Cable Drum

The Automatic Cable Drum for 200 metres cable

The automatic cable drum from Schwalm has a motorised automatic take-up system that rewinds and organises the cable automatically. An automatic metre display on the front of the reel makes everyday operations much simpler. The cable take-up also adapts itself automatically to the speed at which the robot is travelling. With its robust aluminium housing, it has room for cables up to 200 metres in length. Other equipment details: The force with which the automatic take-up pulls in the cable can be adjusted.

Technical data

The automatic cable drum ACD200

  • Cable release: take-up system
  • Maximum possible cable length: 200 metres
  • Electricity supply: 100 V, 230 V
  • Take-up: automatic or manual
  • Strength and speed: automatically or manually adjustable
  • Counter: reading exact to the nearest 1 centimetre
  • Digital display

Schwalm special cable

Power supply, video data, robot control

For safe work and reliable operation of the heavy device in the sewer, only one supply cable of high mechanical durability comes into question. This is especially true for the durability of cables and plug connections against tension and abrasion. The combination cable developed by Schwalm is designed for especially high tensile forces. Although such tensile forces do not arise in normal operation, it offers enough reserves for unplanned events in the sewer. The plug connection is extremely stable. The cable itself cannot be driven over by the robots, because it is equipped with a special reverse driving control that is coupled onto the cable. Schwalm offers a specially developed fully automatic cable reel for the cable.

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