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The MiMoZo is a color camera with a high-resolution CCD sensor.
The MiMoZo beats what the MiNa has to offer in terms of transferring clear contoured images from the sewer to the control panel by a significant amount thanks to its zoom objective lens.

It is a useful addition to the standard model MiNa and is perfectly suited to more precise surveys of damage areas or positioning HutlinerPackers® thanks to the use of its 10x optical zoom lens.


Zoom camera MiMoZo (PAL or NTSC)

SensorSONY Super HAD CCD
Resolution530 TV lines
Electronic shutterAutomatic or manual (switchable)
Zoom10x optical
FocusAutomatic or manual (switchable)
LightingLED technology
Pivot function+/- 135° (backward view), wear-free sliding clutch
WaterproofPassive pressure monitoring at 0.2 bar; LED control indicator
Switch camera principleInstallation on the robot in just a few steps

The interior space of the camera is filled with air and subject to an overpressure of 0.2 - 0.3 bar. When switching on the camera, a self-test of the pressure display is carried out (red and green lights flash alternately). After approx. 5 seconds, the display is ready for operation and the actual pressure is displayed.

Red lights upPressure is low
Green flashesDrop in pressure
Green lights upWorking pressure
Green + red flashWorking pressure
Red flashesPressure is too high

If red (lit up) or green (flashing), the air must be topped up.

To prevent the penetration of water, the robots and cameras are subject to overpressure. The hand pump with pressure gage can be used to control or adjust this.
The camera extension raises the position of the connected camera on the milling robot Talpa FSR 2060 for a better view of the rubber hat on the coupled HutlinerPacker®.