Placing short liners in the connection area of connecting pipes

Short liners can also be placed in connecting pipes in the connection area using pipe stoppers, also known as straight bladders. The pipe stoppers are available for pipe diameters of between 70 mm and 250 mm. The pipe stoppers are positioned with the help of Talpa FSR 1330 or FSR 2060 sewer rehab robots. In many cases, hat seals and short liners are used in combination.

  • Highly elastic rubber bladder 
  • Pipe stopper connector: retaining device for the pipe stoppers
  • For installing short liners in connecting pipes in the connection area
  • Connecting pipe sizes of between DN 70 and DN 250

Necessary additional tool:

The pipe stopper connector

The pipe stopper connector is clamped in the tool holder on the robot arm. The connector is standard size and fits all Schwalm pipe stoppers.

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