HutlinerPacker® (Lateral Connection Packers) in Detail

Combination Devices for Fitting Hat Seals and Short Liners

HutlinerPacker® (Lateral connection packers) are inflatable hollow parts made from rubber and stainless steel with a protruding section, the rubber hat, which can be mounted on the side.

These special devices developed by Schwalm are used to press synthetic resin-saturated short liners onto couplings and cracks in the main pipe and hat section in connection joins.

The rubber hats, available in a variety of sizes, are connected to the HutlinerPacker® (lateral connection packer) using a screw thread. Lateral connection packers, with their flexible pipe bodies, can even be used in corner shafts.

The HutlinerPacker® (lateral connection packer) is a combination device which can be used with or without a rubber hat. If you take the rubber hat off, short liners can also be installed. With the rubber hat screwed on, they are used either as just the hat seal or as a combination of short liner plus hat seal = HutlinerPacker® (lateral connection packer).

Talpa robots position the HutlinerPacker® (lateral connection packer) in the sewer

The mobile HutlinerPacker® (lateral connection packers) do not have their own drive systems. In order to push them to the repair site, they are coupled to a Talpa robot. The operator then manoeuvres HutlinerPacker® (the lateral connection packer) to the desired spot and aligns it accordingly. Once the HutlinerPacker® (lateral connection packer) is positioned in the sewer, the robot can be withdrawn.

HutlinerPacker® (Lateral connection packers) available in a variety of sizes

HutlinerPacker® (Lateral connection packers) in a variety of sizes are available for main pipe diameters from DN 100 to DN 800. From 200 mm diameter, the HutlinerPacker® (lateral connection packers) have a sufficiently large flow rate that it is no longer necessary to pump the waste water around them. As with the main pipe sizes, there are hat attachments in a variety of sizes for connections from DN 100 to DN 250.

HutlinerPacker® (Lateral Connection Packers)

  • Mobile combination device

    • For repairing house connection junctions
    • For combined fitting of hats and short liners
    • Can also be used without rubber hat as a short liner packer

  • Modular principle

    • HutlinerPacker® (Lateral connection packers) and rubber hats of varying sizes can be combined

  • HutlinerPacker® (Lateral connection packers) available in various sizes

    • DN 100 – DN 800 (pipe body for main pipes)
    • DN 100 – DN 250 (interchangeable rubber hats for connection pipes)

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