Stretch Film

Transparent manual stretch film made of polyethylene (PE).

The stretch film is required in order to protect the highly elastic rubber of lateral connection packers and impermeable pipe cushions (straight bags) against contaminations.

Greases particularly react with the high share of natural rubber of the top coat of the packer, which may result in the formation of cracks in the long run. Dried up resin residues impair the elasticity of the rubber.

  • Consumed volume: 3 – 4 rolls are required for a lateral connection packer with DN 600

PE Bags

Polyethylene film in practical bag shape particularly suitable as protection film for rubber hats. The PE bags are required in order to protect the rubber hat of lateral connection packers containing natural rubber against being contaminated with resin and milking grease. See also the instructions in "Stretch film".

  • Package contents: 50 PE bags

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