2C Resin Systems - For Short Liners and Hat Seals

Special resin for trenchless partial sewer rehabilitation.

The component A (curing agent) is available as summer or winter curing agent.

Bottles matching in pairs in each case in order to be able to mix total volumes of either 0.75 liters or 1.0 liter of 2C resin.

Product characteristics:

  • non-foaming, elastic 2C resin system
  • specifically for adhering partial inliners
  • good adhesion properties on moist surfaces
  • re-sealable plastic bottle
  • mixing ratios can be produced easily
  • volume tailored for applying resin to hats and short liners
  • this way, no residual volumes, conservation, and avoidance of waste

Statement of source of supply:

Minova CarboTech GmbH
Am Technologiepark 1
45307 Essen

Contact person: Jutta Gembus

Phone: +49 201 80983 742
Fax: +49 201 80983 9500



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