2019 is on its way!

Our anniversary year is coming to an end

Once again, a very busy and moving (anniversary) year for us is coming to an end soon and we're all looking forward to the Christmas holidays. And like many people at this time I'm doing the same: reviewing the last 12 months and preparing myself mentally for next year. But one thing is always particularly important to me at this time. I would like to sincerely thank all customers and business partners for the excellent collaboration, on behalf of Schwalm Robotic GmbH and Schwalm Kanalsanierung. You have placed your trust in us, which is the basis for our sustainable corporate development. And as a result, the year 2018 was marked for us by strong growth, primarily triggered by exporting our Schwalm system on the one hand and by the establishment of more sales partnerships on the other hand.

Looking ahead, we can see that business is still booming. And we have set ourselves a lot of goals for 2019 too. We have also taken precautions though to ensure that our quality standards are maintained even in the face of the increasing international orders for our systems that are already apparent today. This starts with new agreements with our suppliers/subcontractors and ends with hiring additional employees for production and sewer rehabilitation in order to counter any capacity bottlenecks in 2019. As for the development of our products and services, we are going to continue focusing on outstanding quality, which will characterise our brand in future too.

We are therefore saying goodbye to you in 2018 in a confident mood and looking forward to an eventful and exciting 2019 together. The teams at Schwalm Robotic and Schwalm Kanalsanierung wish you a Merry Christmas, a peaceful holiday season with time to recharge your batteries and a good start to the New Year.


Kind regards,

Martin Schwalm


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