Schwalm genuine accessories: milling cutters and 2C resins

Now being sold directly through Schneider and Minova CarboTech

You can now get our 2C resins directly through Minova CarboTech GmbH in Essen. We now also sell the piranha head and mushroom head robotic milling attachments as part of our direct sales operations through our partner Schneider Spezial-Diamantwerkzeuge based in Kraichtal, near Karlsruhe.

Württemberg tool specialist Schneider Spezial-Diamantwerkzeuge is synonymous with high-quality milling in trenchless sewer rehabilitation. Schneider has tailored its product range – consisting of special milling cutters, core bits and saws – to the construction, concrete pipeline and sewer rehabilitation industries. "The best machine is only ever as good as its tools," according to Schneider's motto. For our Talpa FSR 1330 and Talpa FSR 2060 rehabilitation robots, we have individually developed two types of milling cutters: the piranha head and the mushroom head milling cutter. These industrial, diamond-tipped special milling cutters are characterized by robustness, bite and smoothness. Piranha head and mushroom head milling cutters are joint-venture developments from Schwalm Robotic and Schneider Spezial-Diamantwerkzeuge. 




From left to right: Spherical piranha head, conical piranha head, mushroom head milling cutter

Our specially selected supplier for 2-component resins is Minova CarboTech GmbH. The wholly-owned subsidiary of the Australian Minova Group is a global player specialized in chemical building materials for mining, industry and trade. Minova has decades of experience in using special resins to prevent water and gas penetration in tunnel and mine construction. Short liners, lateral connections and hat seals can be manufactured with our Minova resin (which we offer as both a summer and winter resin) with tested and predictable quality in the sense of Schwalm Robotic process technology.


2C resin from Minova CarboTech


Direct sales operations for Schwalm genuine accessories
The benefits for you at a glance:


  • Shorter delivery routes
  • Optimized storage for material freshness (resins)
  • Larger stock quantities directly from the manufacturer



Reference addresses and contact:

Schneider Spezial-Diamantwerkzeuge
Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 18
D-76703 Kraichtal

Contact person: Steffen Schneider

Phone: +49 7250 922-110
Fax: +49 7250 922-113



Minova CarboTech GmbH
Am Technologiepark 1
D-45307 Essen

Contact person: Jutta Gembus

Phone: +49 201 80983 742
Fax: +49 201 80983 9500




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