Team procedures

Skilled workers, practitioners, experts

Being an employee with Schwalm is an honor. Schwalm is characterized by extraordinary employees. The company has an extraordinary reputation in the industry. Know-how, experience, practical orientation, and high vertical range of manufacture allow Schwalm to develop proprietary solutions mostly independently. What has just been conceived is built as a prototype, tested, discussed, and refined within the team. And nothing is conceived with the question of why and what for. This is made sure by the colleagues of the service provision branch of Schwalm Kanalsanierung.

Shortest distances allow for quick decisions. Schwalm is a puzzle tank at its best. Small-scale series are produced. This particularly refers to the construction of sewer rehabilitation robots and lateral connection packers. Sewer rehabilitation vehicles are designed and manufactured according to individual customer requests.

The things conceived by Schwalm Robotic as manufacturer are never thinkable without the practical knowledge of Schwalm Kanalsanierung. And vice versa: the practitioners of Schwalm Kanalsanierung are consistently carrying along the ideas and technical solutions of their colleagues with Schwalm Robotic. Technology is to be as simple and efficient as possible.

Martin Schwalm unites manager and experienced practitioner in one person. He pulls all the strings. Who has seen sewer pipelines from the inside already knows what sewer rehabilitation is all about. Within a lively family business, there will be fireworks. There is not a department for anything and everything. At this point, teamwork is indispensable by nature. Some people call that synergy. With Schwalm, this simply has been the required scope of cooperation for years. Covering all employees. Naturally, there is a flat hierarchy. The work needs to be done.


Development and design

Product development is teamwork. Engineers, technicians, and draftsmen are sitting at the same table. Formally, Schwalm is divided into departments. However, the distances are short. Everybody works together with everybody. Unavoidably for a medium-sized company of this size. Or fortunately.

Sewer cleaning and sewer rehabilitation

Sewer rehabilitation is the cradle of the company. And people are proud of the aforementioned. In 1938, Georg Schwalm founded the company as forwarding company. Sewer cleaning and sewer rehabilitation are on the agenda. Even today, Willi Schwalm e. K. – also known as Schwalm Kanalsanierung – is a central factor within the company structure. Highly qualified specialists for pipeline, sewer, and industrial services do the work. The term being a bit inconveniently long stands for those frequently coming from the construction industry: bricklayers, but also technical professions as lateral recruits. It takes years to stand one's ground in the field. Others study and receive university diplomas. The industry seeks portfolio management. Today, people are talking about environmental professions.

Mechatronics and production

This is where the young people are working. Mechatronics, one may complain about this fact, still is a male preserve. The only woman in the technical department with Schwalm is a CAD draftswoman. The production department is filled with people you would simply trust to do anything. Schwalm is kind of a machine made of flesh and blood. That is the actually admirable thing about technical professions: they absolutely are the doers. From chipping come chips. Where there are chips, products are produced.

Administration, shipping, warehouse

Organization is everything. This is the white-collar side of the company. However, this department is also up to date due to the mentioned shortest distances. Close, closely interconnected, and personal. Assembly-oriented warehousing with IT-supported materials handling helps. People know what happens where within the company. Nationally and internationally. At any time? A tasks that certainly is not always that easy. But it is feasible. Team-oriented. And forever this dialing tone*: the customer is king.


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